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RSS feeds from Testseek.co.uk

Our RSS-feeds can be used for two purposes:

  • Webmasters: Publish our latest/most popular reviews on your site and let your visitors stay updated on new product review releases on the web. If you need any assistance with how to publish our RSS-feeds on your site, please contact us at info(@)testseek.com.
  • Regular users Download a RSS-reader below. This will help you stay updated on the latest news from different websites and blogs of your interest, without having to visit all these sites. Not least, you will be able to see the latest reviews that has been published on the web.

RSS-feeds from Testseek.co.uk

URL Description
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_all.rss 10 latest reviews from the entire site
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_popular_all.rss 10 most popular reviews from the entire site
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_computer.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Computers
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_vehicle.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Vehicles
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_home.rss 10 latest reviews from the category House/Home
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_homeelectronics.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Home Electronics
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_healthbeauty.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Health and Beauty
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_camera.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Camera
http://www.testseek.co.uk/rss/10_latest_tele.rss 10 latest reviews from the category Telephpony

OK, so what do I do with these RSS-feeds?

To be able to read RSS-feeds you will ned a program called a RSS-reader or Aggregator. These programs are free and very practical. Below you will find links to some of the best RSS-readers. It is important that the RSS-reader you choose supports RSS 2.0 and UTF-8.

RSS-readers/Aggregators RSS-readers integrated in your web browser More information about RSS Good luck!

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