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Reviews of Sony KDL-32EX503

Testseek.co.uk have collected 12 expert reviews of the Sony KDL-32EX503 and the average rating is 86%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Sony KDL-32EX503.
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The editors liked

  • Good at upscaling to HD
  • Sharp HD pictures
  • Good Freeview HD tuner handling
  • Good black levels
  • Great internet features
  • Natural colours
  • Builtin Freeview HD tuner
  • Interface
  • Clean HD & SD pictures
  • Sound
  • Nice to use
  • Classleading motion handling
  • Excellent black levels and edge definition
  • XMB interface
  • Smooth pictures from all sources
  • Freeview HD software
  • Superb user interface
  • Excellent remote control
  • The best online experience
  • Strong video processing

The editors didn't like

  • Poor black level response
  • Lacks bass
  • Little motion blur
  • Some slight motion blur
  • High price
  • Limited digital file compatibility
  • Crowded internet video platform
  • Not as slim as some rivals
  • Lack of sharpness
  • Some judder
  • Bulky design
  • Slightly grey blacks
  • No LED backlight
  • No 3D

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  Published: 2010-12-22, review by: hdtvorg.co.uk

  • Unless it is important for you to experience the slender profile that comes with LED TVs, the KDL-32EX503 could be a perfect choice at this price level. Sony have created a well positioned screen with a decent feature set which performs well above aver...

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  Published: 2010-09-23, review by: CNET.co.uk

  • Good black levels, Great internet features, Natural colours, Builtin Freeview HD tuner
  • Some slight motion blur
  • Excellent sound and picture quality, great Internet services and a Freeview HD tuner combine to make the 40-inch KDL-40EX503 an impressive mid-range TV from Sony....

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  Published: 2010-08-17, review by: whathifi.com

  • Nice to use, classleading motion handling, excellent black levels and edge definition
  • Not as slim as some rivals

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  Published: 2010-08-05, review by: techradar.com

  • Interface, Clean HD & SD pictures, Sound
  • High price, Limited digital file compatibility, Crowded internet video platform
  • If you're after something more than just a basic flatscreen TV, this polished affair from Sony makes for a tempting option. This 32in LCD TV lies near the bottom of Sony's Essential lineup, ranking below screens in the brand's Network, Signature and Ci...

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  Published: 2010-08-04, review by: expertreviews.co.uk

  • The Sony KDL-46EX503 is a surprisingly affordable mid-range TV. There’s a generous feature set and good image quality from high definition sources. Unfortunately, the poor handling of standard definition content lets this TV down. ...

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  Published: 2010-07-30, review by: pocket-lint.com

  • XMB interface, smooth pictures from all sources, Freeview HD software
  • Lack of sharpness, some judder
  • An excellent Freeview HD performer this small Sony keeps it light when it comes to picture processing; high-def pictures can lack ultimate detail and show-up a touch of judder and blur, but the prize for the patient is superbly clean images unrivalled ...

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  Published: 2010-06-03, review by: hdtvtest.co.uk

  • Abstract:  After battling our way through the uncharted territory of 3D TV lately, it’s a bit of a relief to sit back down with a good old 2D HDTV. Today we’re inspecting one of Sony’s “cost-conscious” Bravia LCD TVs for 2010, namely the Sony KDL40EX503.The KDL40...

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  Published: 2010-04-23, review by: avreview.co.uk

  • Abstract:  Even the 40EX503's sound is more robust than that of any of our rival TVs today, leaving it with an overall performance level which - together with its unique online talents and still-rare Freeview HD tuner - makes its £900 price tag look pretty reasonable.

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  Published: 2010-04-07, review by: T3.com

  • Superb user interface, Excellent remote control, The best online experience, Strong video processing
  • Bulky design, Slightly grey blacks, No LED backlight, No 3D
  • It's not going to win any design awards and there's no LED backlight, but it's a dream to use and pretty good to watch

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  Published: 2010-03-31, Author: John Archer , review by: trustedreviews.com

  • Good at upscaling to HD, Sharp HD pictures, Good Freeview HD tuner handling
  • Poor black level response, Lacks bass, Little motion blur

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