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Testseek.co.uk have collected 3 expert reviews of the XYZprinting da Vinci Nano and the average rating is 70%. Scroll down and see all reviews for XYZprinting da Vinci Nano.
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  Published: 2018-04-09, Author: Richard , review by: tomsguide.com

  • Simple to us, Inexpensiv, Helpful softwar, Decent prints
  • Works only with XYZprinting's own PLA filamen, Slow
  • For $179.95, you get a lot of printer with the da Vinci Nano. Although it is restricted to printing with PLA from XYZprinting, the Nano does a great job of producing attractive prints, and the company's PLA filament is not overly expensive (although it co...

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  Published: 2018-10-26, review by: altomdata.dk

  • Abstract:  Da den første bølge af 3D-printere skyllede ind over os, var prisen alt for høj for produkterne, så det var ikke realistisk for de fleste af os at lege med de fristende muligheder for at skabe egne figurer.Nu kommer anden bølge. Og denne printer, XYZ da V...

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  Published: 2018-04-10, review by: kknews.cc

  • Abstract:  眾所周知,台灣知名3D印表機製造商XYZprinting以生產各種各樣的3D印表機而聞名,但該公司似乎特別擅長製造面向新手的印表機。XYZ最新的入門級印表機da Vinci Nano就是其中的一個典型例子。該設備售價為179.99美元,並且提供了許多功能。設計:與麵包機一樣大尺寸為14.9 x 14 x 11英寸的da Vinci Nano看起來更像廚房用具而不是高科技產品。雖然前門擋住了印表機的移動部分和熱部分,但沒有超控。如果打開前門,印表機會繼續運行,因此它不適合需要監督的年輕人使用。儘...

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