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Reviews of Panasonic DMR-HW100

Testseek.co.uk have collected 6 expert reviews of the Panasonic DMR-HW100 and the average rating is 74%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Panasonic DMR-HW100.
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The editors liked

  • Good recording quality
  • 3D compatibility
  • Slick design
  • Lots of superb features
  • Flexible recording and editing functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile multimedia capabilities
  • Smooth picture quality
  • Records two channels simultaneously
  • Stable
  • Detailed standarddef and highdef images

The editors didn't like

  • Uneven streaming media
  • Miserly hard drive
  • Limited IPTV portal
  • No builtin WiFi
  • Poor EPG
  • Viera Cast'
  • S comparatively limited content
  • No Scart output
  • Hesitant video streaming
  • Relatively small drive
  • No wifi built in
  • Currently no BBC iPlayer
  • Unintuitive menus

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  Published: 2012-06-01, review by: evogadget.com

  • The Panasonic DMR-HW100 is quite the recording tool when it comes to 2D-to-3D conversion, image quality, ports and other features analyzed today. We definitely recommend it....

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  Published: 2011-12-21, review by: whathifi.com

  • Records two channels simultaneously, stable, detailed standarddef and highdef images
  • Relatively small drive, no wifi built in, currently no BBC iPlayer, unintuitive menus

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  Published: 2011-12-01, Author: Steve May , review by: T3.com

  • Good recording quality, 3D compatibility, Slick design
  • Uneven streaming media, Miserly hard drive, Limited IPTV portal
  • While we’re not sure if Panasonic’s faith in 3D is misplaced or inspired, having it built into this PVR at least ensures you’ll be ahead of the curve come London’s 3D-centric Olympics. As a regular PVR it’s comparable with the best, although its IPTV

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  Published: 2011-10-28, review by: expertreviews.co.uk

  • A competent multi-tuner PVR with the bonus of DLNA media streaming, but its limited format support and basic interface count against it ...

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  Published: 2011-10-08, review by: theregister.co.uk

  • While some 3D features offered by the DMR-HW100 have little practical use - Frame Width can only be construed as the height of madness - its support for MPO snaps and 2D-to-3D conversion make it an interesting proposition. However such 3D frippery is ...

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  Published: 2011-09-01, Author: Danny Phillips , review by: trustedreviews.com

  • Lots of superb features, Flexible recording and editing functionality, Easy to use, Versatile multimedia capabilities, Smooth picture quality
  • No builtin WiFi, Poor EPG, Viera Cast's comparatively limited content, No Scart output, Hesitant video streaming
  • The DMR-HW100 is a formidable PVR proposition, melding all the essential Freeview HD features with a generous range of networking features and web content.The only PVR that matches this level of functionality is Samsung's BD-DT7800, but the Panasonic's ab...

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