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Reviews of HP AX325AA Notebook Projection Companion

Testseek.co.uk have collected 4 expert reviews of the HP AX325AA Notebook Projection Companion and the average rating is 83%. Scroll down and see all reviews for HP AX325AA Notebook Projection Companion.
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  Published: 2010-05-13, review by: gcn.com

  • Abstract:  Although its size is a good example of what portable projectors could become, its anemic lumens makes the Companion practically unusable. When you have trouble seeing images in a completely dark room, it means any other lighting environment would kill your display. If the Companion were something you

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  Published: 2010-05-05, review by: gadling.com

  • Abstract:  The HP Notebook Projection Companion is designed to be the portable projector your travel with when you need more than a pico projector, but without the weight of a large and bulky projector. The innards of the Projector Companion offer enough brightne...

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  Published: 2010-03-31, review by: hardwarecentral.com

  • Abstract:  The Projection Companion's small footprint, better-than-pico performance, and reasonable price blend together nicely, making it an ideal tool for presentation-savvy small business and enterprise travelers. Sure, there are even more mobile projectors out there, but with the majority of those you lose out in performance, especially..

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  Published: 2010-08-04, review by: goodgearguide.com.au

  • Tiny and portable, can use an HP notebook power adapter, LED light source, low TCO, simple to use
  • Oversaturated colours, some blurriness, no battery pack
  • HP's Notebook Projection Companion is a small and very portable DLP-based projector that's perfect for users who regularly give off-site presentations. The best part about it is that its LED light source is claimed to last five years, which means there...

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