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Reviews of Toshiba 55WL863B

Testseek.co.uk have collected 13 expert reviews of the Toshiba 55WL863B and the average rating is 84%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Toshiba 55WL863B.
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The editors liked

  • Impressive HD pictures
  • Natural skin tones and vivid colours
  • Good sound quality
  • Backlighting with local dimming
  • Crisp high definition images
  • Great SD upscaling
  • Classy Jacob Jensen design
  • Excellent blacks and contrast
  • Excellent out of the box greyscale accuracy
  • Reference calibrated greyscale and gamma
  • Decent video processing
  • 3D Blurays looked generally stunning
  • Very good stab at '
  • Local dimming'
  • Tasteful design
  • 3D glasses are well de
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Mostly excellent pictures
  • Good Value
  • Good feature count
  • Mostly excellent picture quality
  • Fair price for what'
  • S on offer

The editors didn't like

  • SD material isn'
  • T handled all that well
  • Internet features are poor
  • Horrible remote control
  • Network file playback not good
  • Limited net portal
  • Double imaging on 3D
  • Daft designer remote control
  • Side by side 3D is subpar
  • Smart TV functions feel disconnected and are sparse
  • Red is badly undersaturated
  • Autocalibration of colour
  • Currently undernourished online features
  • Crosstalk with 3D
  • Minor backlight consistency flaws
  • Online service needs more features
  • Crosstalk on 3D images
  • Minor backlight '
  • Bleed'
  • In the corners

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  Published: 2012-08-01, Author: Steve May , review by: T3.com

  • Crisp high definition images, Great SD upscaling, Classy Jacob Jensen design
  • Network file playback not good, Limited net portal, Double imaging on 3D

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  Published: 2012-06-01, review by: evogadget.com

  • At the end of this analysis we consider that the Regza 46WL863B is another perfect example of how far Toshiba has gone to make TVs that will be admired for many generations to come....

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  Published: 2011-12-18, review by: expertreviews.co.uk

  • A high end TV to be proud of – Toshiba gets nearly everything right with the 46WL863 ...

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  Published: 2011-11-17, review by: CNET.co.uk

  • Impressive HD pictures, Natural skin tones and vivid colours, Good sound quality, Backlighting with local dimming
  • SD material isn't handled all that well, Internet features are poor, Horrible remote control
  • The Toshiba 55WL863 is a very accomplished set with a pleasing design, sharp HD pictures and excellent 3D images from Blu-ray discs. But poor Internet features, a bad remote and unimpressive standard-definition pictures relegate it to second best....

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  Published: 2011-11-08, review by: hdtvtest.co.uk

  • Abstract:  The Regza WL863 series is the current range-topper in Toshiba’s 2011 lineup of HDTV models in the United Kingdom, owing to the company’s decision not to release the mouthwateringly-specced 55ZL1 which features 512-zone local-dimming LED backlight techn...

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  Published: 2011-10-27, review by: techradar.com

  • Outstanding build quality, Good feature count, Mostly excellent picture quality, Fair price for what's on offer
  • Online service needs more features, Crosstalk on 3D images, Minor backlight 'bleed' in the corners
  • For a couple of years now there's been an increasingly wide divide between Toshiba in Japan and Toshiba in the UK.For while Toshiba's Japan division has been blazing a high-end trail with its phenomenally powerful and entirely uncompromising CEVO TVs, ...

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  Published: 2011-10-24, Author: John Archer , review by: trustedreviews.com

  • Outstanding build quality, Mostly excellent pictures, Good Value
  • Currently undernourished online features, Crosstalk with 3D, minor backlight consistency flaws
  • Toshiba's bid to add a high-end, enthusiast-friendly TV to its 2011 range has proved a mostly thundering success. The 55WL863 really is a superb TV, delivering some of the best picture quality yet seen from any LCD TV, as well as a good feature count. The...

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  Published: 2011-10-20, Author: Mark Hodgkinson , review by: avforums.com

  • Excellent blacks and contrast, Excellent out of the box greyscale accuracy, Reference calibrated greyscale and gamma, Decent video processing, 3D Blurays looked generally stunning, Very good stab at 'local dimming', Tasteful design, 3D glasses are well de
  • Daft designer remote control, Side by side 3D is subpar, Smart TV functions feel disconnected and are sparse, Red is badly undersaturated, Autocalibration of colour

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  Published: 2012-02-08, review by: homecinemachoice.com

  • Beautiful build quality; exemplary 2D pictures; mostly very good 3D; wellpresented online portal and GUI,
  • Noticeable crosstalk on 3D; Places needs more content,

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  Published: 2012-01-23, review by: erenumerique.fr

  • Le Toshiba 46WL863 est une version revue et corrigée du fameux Cevo. Mais si le 55ZL1 est vraiment un modèle d’exception, il semble que la descente en gamme ne se passe pas aussi bien que prévu....

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