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Testseek.co.uk have collected 11 expert reviews of the Thinksound ms01 and the average rating is 82%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Thinksound ms01.
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The editors liked

  • Sound great
  • Eco friendly
  • Look great
  • Comfortable

The editors didn't like

  • Quite expensive
  • Cable may not last



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  Published: 2012-09-21, review by: pocket-lint.com

  • Sound great, eco friendly, look great, comfortable
  • Quite expensive, cable may not last
  • A decent-sounding pair of headphones that rival some more expensive in-ear models. Perhaps a little too much bass for purists, but a good, well-rounded sound that most will love....

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  Published: 2012-06-04, Author: Dave LeClair , review by: makeuseof.com

  • Abstract:  With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, the market for headphones is constantly growing. Even though most devices come with some basic earphones, people are always looking for a pair that offers better sound quality and more features. After al...

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  Published: 2012-02-23, Author: Caleb Denison , review by: Digitaltrends.com

  • Terrifically deep and well-balanced bass, Transparent midrange, clear vocals, Comfortable fit, great cord length, Environmentally-friendly build and packaging
  • Harsh treble response, No airline adapter
  • For those seeking deep, accurate bass and open, transparent midrange, it’s hard to do much better in an earphone than the Thinksound ms01....

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  Published: 2012-02-06, review by: audioholics.com

  • Abstract:  You know what's fun? Going to an intimate live outdoor concert and then listening to the live CD afterwards. It was fresh in my mind - and putting on the ms01's I was quickly impressed by how accurately the sound closely resembled what I had heard. Thi...

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  Published: 2012-02-04, review by: slashgear.com

  • Abstract:  When you think of earbuds for listening to music and working with audio, you generally don’t expect the kind of quality that thinksound presents here. What we’ve got here is a wooden pair of earbuds by the name of ms01, an entry into thinksound’s monit...

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  Published: 2012-02-04, Author: Scott Schaen , review by: chipchick.com

  • EcoFriendly, Sound Fantastic, Warm, True, Great Looking, Comfortable, Light, Headphone Recycling Program, TangleResistant Cord, Efficient, Include Carrying Case, The
  • No ControlTalk/Mic

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  Published: 2012-01-12, review by: the-gadgeteer.com

  • Vocal and acoustic music sounds beautifully clear and clean, Comfortable fit possible with 4 eartips to choose from, Eco-friendly
  • Very bright sound. Some songs are too shrill

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  Published: 2011-12-28, Author: Larry , review by: runaroundtech.com

  • Abstract:  I've yet to meet a pair of thinksound headphones I haven't liked. But it's not just the headphones that I like. For starters the company is environmentally conscious. They use recycled materials for their packaging, and not much of them at that and rely o...

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  Published: 2012-02-03, review by: macworld.com.au

  • At a recommended price of $119, the ms01 monitor series are the most expensive earphones in the thinksound range, but the price is reflected in both their sound and build quality.If you are environmentally conscious or after a unique music accessory t...

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  Published: 2013-04-17, Author: Lia Espina Lopez , review by: geekgirlmanila.com

  • Abstract:  I did a double take when I saw the price tag on these earphones.A whooping P5,250 for a pair of earphones. WOW.I find that price more acceptable on, let's say, headphones, since they use up more materials. Like more leather and metal parts, more wires, et...

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