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  Published: 2012-01-06, review by: hometheaterreview.com

  • The USB dac32 offers rich and natural timbres and tonality on many different types of music, The USB dac32 provides excellent punchy and extended low frequencies, The USB dac32 produces more 3D imaging and air around individual players than other solid state DACs I've encountered, The performance of the USB dac32's USB input being driven by a PC or a Mac equals that of being driven by a CD o
  • The USB dac32 will not accept native DSD (SACD) material, The USB dac32 is slightly warm in its overall tonality but will not make poorly recorded CDs or other digital sources sound better by rolling off harsh highs.
  • I believe that North Star Design, with the USB dac32, has created one of the more musical and relaxing DACs compared to others in its price range. Unless you are willing to spend a lot more money, the USB dac32 reminded me very much of the Weiss 202 DA...

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