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  Published: 2011-05-02, review by: avguide.com

  • Abstract:  One thing you have to love about our audiophile community is the way we passionately embrace and hold on to technologies that the rest of the planet either views as outmoded or, in some cases, was never even aware of to begin with. Conversely, we are ...

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  Published: 2010-08-06, review by: hometheaterreview.com

  • The CD 303T's ability to handle digital media ranging from CDs to 24/192 makes it a very versatile player, The option between tube and solid state outputs and the ability to select between them with a push of a button allows one to tailor the sound not just to one's system but also on a disc by disc basis, The inclusion of balanced audio stereo outputs allows one to take advantage of the full
  • The CD 303Ts does not allow for multichannel SACD playback as it does not have multichannel analog audio outputs, nor does it allow SACD signals to be sent via digital outputs, While the USB input was as good as or better than any USBequipped DAC, it still fell a bit short of the best standalone USB to SPDIF converters.
  • The CD303T was easy to use. The front display provided all the information I needed, whether the tube or solid state circuits were engaged, the oversampling rate, if the digital inputs were selected the resolution/rate of the files was displayed and th...

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