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Testseek.co.uk have collected 3 expert reviews of the PC Power & Cooling Pro-Source 1500 UPS and the average rating is 84%. Scroll down and see all reviews for PC Power & Cooling Pro-Source 1500 UPS.
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  Published: 2009-07-19, review by: jonnyguru.com

  • battery power lasted longer than software and front panel estimates, line interactive, does nearly everything a UPS can be expected to do, very efficient, quick charging,
  • inverter seems underbuilt... hard to tell with sanded off transistor part numbers, no fan for the inverter heatsinks, and an an 80mm fan for the transformer area,
  • PC Power & Cooling has been known as a premium brand name for a long time now, and they worked hard to get their reputation. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that the Pro-Source is unworthy of having such a respected name attached to it. I've been an el...

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  Published: 2009-06-23, review by: Bjorn3d.com

  • Good Clean Voltage, Shuts Rig Down Safely During Power Outages, During Brownouts Voltage Remains Stable, During Overvoltages Power Output Remains Stable, Alarms For Overvolt, Auto Shutdown for Extreme Overvoltage, Peace Of Mind Operating An Ultra High End...
  • Little Noisy For Our Tastes, Little Expensive But Inline With Other UPS Of This Wattage ($300)
  • We like the performance of the PC Power & Cooling Pro-Source 1500. The Pro-Source 1500 gave us good stable voltage during conditions any sane person would just unplug their rig and read a book. We read almost a hundred separate voltage input and outpu...

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  Published: 2009-05-29, review by: hardwarelogic.com

  • The question isnt whether or not you should invest in an uninterruptible power supply (you should), but whether or not youll benefit from one touting a Pure Sine Wave. On paper, it might seem like a no brainer, but in practice, weve had success with...

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