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Reviews of Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Testseek.co.uk have collected 39 expert reviews of the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and the average rating is 84%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Microsoft LifeCam Cinema.
Award: Most Awarded January 2010
January 2010
39 Reviews
0 Reviews
84 0 100 39
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The editors liked

  • Good quality recordings
  • Auto-focus works well
  • In-built microphone
  • Solid build
  • Pluses
  • Very good quality finish
  • Auto focus
  • Good quality daylight image
  • Stand compatible with any base

The editors didn't like

  • 720p too large to stream but that'
  • S not really the cameras fault
  • Minuses
  • Overexposed in dark room
  • Loss of detail
  • Microphone
  • Lack of sensitivity

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  Published: 2010-01-26, review by: digitalversus.com

  • Pluses, Very good quality finish, Auto focus, Good quality daylight image, Stand compatible with any base
  • Minuses, Overexposed in dark room: loss of detail, Microphone: lack of sensitivity

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  Published: 2010-01-18, Author: Ardjuna Seghers , review by: trustedreviews.com

  • Microsoft's well-designed LifeCam Cinema might not make video calling a cinematic experience, but it does up the quality over non-HD webcams and offers good future-proofing, all for a price that doesn't break the bank....

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  Published: 2010-01-01, review by: techradar.com

  • Good quality recordings, Auto-focus works well, In-built microphone, Solid build
  • 720p too large to stream but that's not really the cameras fault

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  Published: 2011-10-01, review by: consumersearch.com

  • Excellent image quality, Rich HD quality for video chats, Able to swivel 360 degrees, Sleek styling, Threeyear warranty,
  • Autofocus is too sensitive, Limited features and tools, Poor builtin microphone

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  Published: 2010-08-09, review by: skatter.com

  • If you spend time placing video calls on your computer through services like Skype each day, you should consider upgrading to a quality webcam. However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. HD video quality is only possible if a few conditions ...

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  Published: 2010-06-01, review by: toptenreviews.com

  • This Microsoft webcam offers great image quality and provides users with richer HD picture for video chats,
  • Most users prefer to turn off the auto focus because it begins on a highly sensitive setting.
  • The web cam lacks certain features. That said, it's still a great choice, especially for those who love Microsoft products....

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  Published: 2010-05-23, review by: hardware-pacers.com

  • Simple Install, Small and easy to position, User friendly
  • N/A
  • The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a great webcam in a very nicely sized package. The LifeCam Cinema has very nice video resolution range with a max setting of 1280 X 720 pixel (HD) video resolution and a min setting of 120 x 160. The still capture resol...

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  Published: 2010-02-03, review by: everythingusb.com

  • Excellent picture, Sharp and compact aluminum body, Mounting hardware can stand on a desk or sit on top of LCDs, CRTs or laptop displays, Adjustable pitch and yaw, Competitively priced
  • Current drivers (1/9/10) don't support 720p at 30fps, High-pitched whine likely linked to camera's exposure level recorded by on-board mic, No motion-triggered recording...
  • What would have been a nice webcam is tarnished by the LifeCam Cinema's on-board microphone and its incessant high-pitched whine. Interested buyers should wait until this issue has been resolved. Pros & ConsExcellent picture Sharp and compact aluminum ...

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  Published: 2010-02-02, review by: pcmag.com

  • Sleek styling. Aluminum construction. Flexible mount. Good image quality, color balance, and auto-focus. Easy-to-use bundled app.
  • Poor built-in mic. Slightly overexposed photos and video. Relatively robust system requirements.
  • The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema offers sleek styling and solid video quality, but audio performance isn't this HD webcam's strong suit....

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  Published: 2010-01-29, review by: Geek.com

  • Abstract:  Microsoft’s LifeCam Cinema is an compact HD webcam. It shoots at 720p HD (16:9, 30fps) and has a built-in microphone, making it a simple all-in-one solution that can be put on the top of any laptop screen or computer monitor. It even has a stand built ...

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