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Expert Reviews in your webshopOnly 1 or 2 out of 100 visitors viewing a product page end up making a purchase. What would it mean for your total turnover and sales if you could increase this to 3 or 4 out of 100?

TestSeek is an expert review aggregator, it is our mission to collect essential data from all expert reviews that are published on the Internet.

We enable webshops to show this extremely requested and sales driving content directly at their product pages. It is free, the integration is a piece of cake and no strings attached.

Implementation - Alternatives


Alternative 1: With TestSeek's API (Free)

Open a TestSeek B2B partner account; after registration you will receive all needed info about how to implement the reviews at your product pages. In short; you place a "code-snippet" at your product pages which will do a request to our servers with the specific prodcut's unique ID (EAN/UPC/MPN) and our servers will reply with pre-formatted HTML code that displays the review content at your website.

You will have full access to our complete database of reviews and awards and the implementation process is swift and simple and doesn't require any maintenance.

Alternative 2: With our partner ICEcat's API (Free)

Open a user account with our international partner ICEcat.biz (free).

ICEcat is the leading supplier of rich product specifications to webshops worldwide. ICEcat's database is available in two versions; Open ICEcat and Full ICEcat. Open ICEcat has currently more than 15.000 users, webshops, retailers, distributors, comparison sites, ASPs etc. Open ICEcat is sponsored by 275 manufacturers and thus usage of all content data in Open Icecat is completely free for the retail/distribution channel.

TestSeek's co-op with ICEcat enables all users of ICEcat services (both Full and Open) to have full access to TestSeek's entire review content at no charges.

E-mail: b2b (a) testseek.com
Tel: +46 (0) 31 360 77 20